LivingRoom Medium Unity Methodology VR, AR, OpenXR, MetaFrame LivingRoom is a generative tunnel-shaped 3D structure, that can facilitate users’…


MetaFrame Medium Unity Methodology VR, AR, OpenXR, Oculus Integration, Auto Hand MetaFrame is a high-level, component-based interaction system…

Visualizing The Invisibles

Visualizing The Invisibles MediumData Visualization MethodologyMySQL, Processing, Creative Coding, Boids Simulation Exhibition2023 | latent•ville: MAT End of Year…

VR Interior Showroom

VR Interior Showroom MediumVirtual Reality, Interior Architecture MethodologySketchup, Enscape, Real-time Rendering

Digital Colonization

Community of the Spectacle

Test Site I – Basrah, Iraq   The project configures the city based on Debord’s Psychogeography, cutting up…

Slow Manifesto

The project translates the cellular automaton algorithm used in the Fun Palace project from 2D into 3D, then…

Non-Euclidean Mansion

The Anomalies

NASA Mining Robotics