LivingRoom MediumVR, Embodied Immersive Interaction MethodologyUnity, OpenXR, MetaFrame CollaboratorJenni Hutson LivingRoom is an interactive spatial experience where a…


MetaFrame MediumVR, AR, Embodied Immersive Interaction MethodologyUnity, OpenXR, Oculus Integration, Auto Hand MetaFrame is a high-level, component-based embodied MR interface…

Visualizing The Invisibles

Visualizing The Invisibles MediumData Visualization, Creative Coding MethodologyMySQL, Processing, Boids Simulation Exhibition2023 | latent•ville: MAT End of Year Show,…

Non-Euclidean Mansion

The Anomalies

The anomalies MediumFilm, Game MethodologyFilm, Unity The Anomalies is a series of film narrative experiments that explore spatial everydayness….