Survival of the Cubest

Student: Kenneth Deng
Survival of the Cubest by kdeng23

Survival of the Cubest is a challenging, action-packed souls-like. Play as a blue cube-shaped slime, trapped in a temple of slimes who are all out to eat you! Each bite is fatal and can mean difference between life or death. Utilize unique slime properties and your own fatal bite to overcome your adversaries.

Slime Skills

– Mass Change: Taking damage or consuming enemies can increase / decrease your size!
– Consume: close ranged attack that can consume smaller enemies and grow in mass
– Slimy Throw: sacrifice some mass to throw sticky slime residue at enemies to slow them down
– Bait Throw: sacrifice some mass to attract the attention of enemies with a radius
– Absorb: thrown slime and baits can be reabsorbed to regain mass

Enemy: The Red Slime
– Take on slimes of varying sizes
– Large slimes may be slower, but their size more than makes up for
– Typical slimes are quick, especially when they close in for a bite. Be on your toes!
– Their fatal bites will reduce your size, and increase their own