Lu Yang is a transdisciplinary architect, designer, developer and researcher. His research territory covers architecture and architecture history, computational architecture design, procedural 3D generation, cybernetics, human computer interaction (HCI), film studies, game studies and video game development, Mixed Realities, immersive worldmaking, psychology and cognitive science, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. His current research investigates Computer-Mediated Architecture, which delivers real-time reciprocal interaction between human and computer-generated spaces through cybernetic systems.


He is currently pursuing a MSc degree in Media Arts & Technology Program (MAT) at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). He received professional B.Arch from College of Architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in 2019. He worked as an architect in Chicago-based architecture firms where his practice ranges from residential, mixed-use, hospitality, commercial, institution in various of scale. Simultaneously, Lu developed computational tools that brought traditional visualization workflow in architecture firms into real-time immersive VR experiences.


Lu is also a HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) practitioner, in particular with longswords. The practice is a larger set of activities including theoretical analysis, reconstruction of techniques and combat systems from the period of 1300 to 1800, systematization towards didactic doctrine and application in modern fencing competitions.