Lu Yang is a New Media Architect and Human-computer interaction (HCI) researcher whose work encamps in the interzone of computational architecture, cybernetics, game design and Mixed Realities. His multidisciplinary design and research primarily investigate human-architecture interaction (HAI), an alternative gamified human-computer interface. His vision of HAI invites humans to embody their interactions with computational generative immersive environments, where the space becomes an intelligent computational entity capable of observing, processing, reacting and anticipating the body and mind of its inhabitants.

Lu is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in the Media Arts and Technology (MAT) program at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he is a member of the Four Eyes Lab directed by Dr. Tobias Höllerer. He has taught courses across diverse disciplines, including architecture design and history, game study and development, film study, creative coding, digital design and fabrication.

Lu holds a B. Arch from the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, with a specialization in digital design and a minor in computer science. His professional architectural practice ranges from residential, mixed-use, hospitality, commercial, institution in varies of scale. Simultaneously, he developed computational tools that introduce real-time immersive VR experience into traditional visualization workflow within architecture firms.

Lu is also a modern swordsmanship practitioner in historical European martial arts (HEMA), with prime interest in longswords (mainly German tradition). The practice is a larger set of activities including theoretical analysis, reconstruction of techniques and combat systems, systematization towards application in modern fencing competitions.