The Outcast

Student: Carl Xiong

The Outcast is set in a fantastical world, where a team of adventurers have just defeated one of the strongest demons in the world. The player’s character used to be one of the adventures, but he had his life thrown upside down when Tarkwin (a greedy and salacious warlord in the adventuring party who have conflict with the main character due to love triangle) betrays him and throw him into a dungeon so that he could never come back. Left with nothing but a desire for revenge, the character feels rebirth and becomes a necromancer. In order for him to revenge successfully, he has to subdue the strongest monster in this dungeon to help him defeat Tarkwin’s force. The back story will be revealed to the player through a crawl of the text at the beginning before the adventure begins. The actual gameplay will be the necromancer’s journey to conquer and subdue enemies in the dungeon. After defeating the strongest creature in the final floor, the necromancer will finally have enough force to carry out his revenge. The game ends here and his actual revenge will be another story that is released in the future.