Operation Chronos

Student: Tianrui Hu

In the spring of year 889, a bloody civil war broke out in the Kingdom of Essex. The rebel army, led by the Duke of Hove, is marching to Doncaster and threatening the Izumo people’s safety. As the Izumo Marine Corps special force commander, you lead the special operation “Chronos”. You led the action team to land in Port Feltham. Time to reach Doncaster and rescue Izumo citizens. There are enormous amounts of enemies, so guns and defense towers are always your best friend. There are scenes that introduce the story at the beginning and end of this game.
The player’s ultimate goal is to eliminate all enemies and win the battles. The game’s core mechanic is building and maintaining towers that attack enemies. The player can control the hero to move around on the map and build towers with resources at any available location. Towers need resources supplied ammo (resources) to attack. The player must protect the supplier. Plus, there are limited resources and populations, so the player also needs to balance the number of towers and resources.
There are 3 levels in this game. At each level, first, there is a preparation time in which the player can grab resources from town, move around, and build towers. Then, enemies are spawned from different locations and move toward the town. Enemies will destroy any towers and towns. The player must build more towers as enemies approach. When all enemies are eliminated, the player is awarded extra resources and enters the next level.