Student: Vicki Li

The player plays as a robot tasked to blow up an undersea gas pipeline. The core mechanic of the game is the bot’s fuel management. The bot can equip fuel tanks of different sizes. Fuel tanks provide more fuel storage capacity for the bot, but also limit the bot’s navigation ability due to their weight and sizes. Every action in the game, including movement and planting explosives, consumes fuel, while successfully blowing up a piece of pipeline releases the gas contained inside into the water, allowing the bot to refuel if the gas is trapped in an enclosed space
The player must plan for their strategies based on the tank they are equipping, in order to successfully blow up designated points along the pipeline. Tanks can be dropped or swapped at any time (providing there is another tank available. The bot can only carry one tank at a time), and fuel can be transferred between tanks, providing the player more choices on their strategies.